Martin van Hees solo recitals can be characterized by an outstanding musical expression and brilliant sound. His sentimental and clean playing reaches the audience and his performance skills create a warm atmosphere among the audience in the space. Improvisation is a key element in the recitals of the guitarist. Martin often starts his concerts with an improvisation that slowly brings the melody and the elements of the first piece that he chooses to perform. Besides Guitar repertoire, both classical and contemporary, he also performs his own compositions.

The standard guitar repertoire for concerts of Martin would include:

  • J.S. Bach – BWV 1004
  • Martin – Quatre Pieces Breves
  • Villa Lobos – Studies, Cadenza & Melody Sentimental
  • Piazzolla – Invierno Porteno
  • M. Ponce – Theme Varie et Finale
  • Andriessen – Triplum
  • Albeniz – Asturias
  • Turina – Sonata
  • J. Brel/R.Dyens – LA Chanson des Vieux Amants.

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