Cuckoo – Songs of Europe

Duo LeCoultre&VanHees

Together with violinist Floor le Coultre, I searched for new repertoire for our duo. We found that European (folk)songs worked well for our combination. This album shows many sides of classical European songs arranged for guitar and violin/viola by Martin van Hees. The music varies from Western Europe to the Mediterranean and highlights compositions from England, France, Spain, Italy and Greece.


Martin van Hees

For a long time, I have cherished the idea of making an album dedicated to Dutch compositions written for the classical guitar. The realisation of Remgewogen is a project that I have been looking forward to immensely. The process of actively working with composers has contributed to my musicianship, and further inspired me to compose for the classical guitar.


Martin van Hees

My debut album ‘Cadence’ contains works by J.S. Bach, H. Villa Lobos, M.M. Ponce and F. Martin. ‘Cadence’ means a lot to me since it highlighted the end of my classical guitar studies and the beginning of my professional career. Especially for this album I transcribed the whole 2nd violin partita by Bach for the classical guitar.

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