“Ikariotikoyunbabarrange” (2015), classical guitar

From young age Martin van Hees, being part of different bands, started writing songs. During his classical studies the way of writing and creating songs became more complex and it turned into instrumental compositions. Martin is currently composing pieces on the classical guitar but also for his ensembles, such as Kluster5. Inspiration can come from different places, but mainly his ideas develop while travelling and exploring different places on earth. Improvisation is also a key element in his musical life, developing the way he composes. Besides that, Martin is fond of arranging music for different occasions and instruments. Below you can find an example of his works and arrangements.

This composition is based on a Greek dance from Ikaria, the Ikariotiko. It is a merge between this dance and the famous guitar-composition Koyunbaba by Carlo Domeniconi. That is how Martin came up with the title “Ikariotiko – koyunbaba – arrange”. The music slowly develops into the melody of the ikariotiko, however the melody is always present but hidden between the notes.

“Orewoet” (2016), classical guitar

Orewoet is an old Dutch word from the Middle Ages that is not anymore used in the common language. It was created by a poet called Hadewijch. Orewoet can be interpreted in many different ways but in this composition Martin describes the feeling between hope and despair.

“Abakaba” (2016), for Kluster5 ensemble, contemporary classical

“Abakaba” is a 4-voice canon originally made for guitar, violin, baritone saxophone, piano and vibraphone, but it could be performed in any possible combination of instruments. Since there are 4 voices and 5 instruments, one of the instrumentalists can either leave out a voice or double a voice, thus creating enchanting sound colors. Besides that the order of the voices are not fixed on the scores giving freedom to the musician to play it every time in a different order.


“Is this the world we created?” (2014), Queen, classical guitar
“Spain” (2015), Chickorea, for Kluster5 ensemble
“Aan de Amsterdamse grachten” (2016), Pieter Goemans, classical guitar

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