Asko|Schönbergs K[h]AOS

Keep on going on. Go on until you no longer can. In Carrousel the NNT actors, the dancers of Club Guy & Roni and the Asko|Schönberg musicians will sweep you up in an endless dance marathon in a pulsating dance hall.

The stage director Guy Weizman and dramatist and poet Bernard Dewulf wonder why we enjoy watching others suffer during sports competitions, reality-shows, the news, films or theatre performances. Perhaps it’s because one’s own happiness seems a little more within reach if one sees others failing.

Carrousel is inspired by the film and novel They shoot horses, don’t they? about the endless dance marathons in the United States during the 1930s. The result is a captivating and musical performance in which the audience is both observer and participant. For, as long as they keep on watching the eternal dance goes on …

Directed by: Guy Weizman | Tekst: Bernard Dewulf | choreografie: Roni Haver | muziekdirectie: Fedor Teunisse | muziekcompositie: Mátyás Wettl | dramaturgie: Robbert van Heuven | Decor: Ascon de Nijs | Visuals: Videocollectief WERC | De kostuums: Slavna Martinovic | Lichtonwerp: Wil Frikken | Cast: Bram van der Heijden, Fabian Jansen, Veerle van Overloop, Hendrik Aerts, Bien De Moor, Nadia Amin, Mariana Aparicio Torres, Igor Podsiadly, Angela Herenda, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Adam Peterson, Daan Van Koppen (saxofoon), Arno Bakker (sousafoon), Tim Sabel (piano), Martin van Hees (gitaar), Diamanda La Berge Dramm (viool), Maya Fridman (cello)

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