Asko|Schönbergs K[h]AOS

Carrousel is a performance where theatre, dance and music come together in a spectacular arena. It tells the story of an exhausting and fatal marathon, inspired by Horace McCoy’s 1935 novel “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”, and Sydney Pollack’s famous film adaption of the book in 1969. Why is it that we often like to watch the suffering of others? In sports, reality shows, films, social media or the theatre. Maybe we feel more alive? Or see that our own lives are not that bad? Does it bring our own happiness just a little more within reach? Whatever happens, the wheels of life keep on turning. The Carrousel won’t stop. Or will it? Seven actors of Noord Nederlands Toneel, four dancers of Club Guy & Roni and six musicians of Asko|Sconberg K[h]aos battle to win the public’s attention in a poetic and comic play. The agony of the participants has become a form of entertainment. With an original text by Belgian poet and playwright Bernard Dewulf.

Directed by: Guy Weizman | Text: Bernard Dewulf | choreography: Roni Haver | music director: Fedor Teunisse | music composer: Mátyás Wettl | dramaturgy: Robbert van Heuven | Decor: Ascon de Nijs | Visuals: Videocollectief WERC | Costums: Slavna Martinovic | Lichtonwerp: Wil Frikken | Cast: Bram van der Heijden, Fabian Jansen, Veerle van Overloop, Hendrik Aerts, Bien De Moor, Nadia Amin, Mariana Aparicio Torres, Igor Podsiadly, Angela Herenda, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Adam Peterson, Daan Van Koppen (saxofoon), Arno Bakker (sousafoon), Tim Sabel (piano), Martin van Hees (gitaar), Diamanda La Berge Dramm (viool), Maya Fridman (cello)

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